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I've been tossing them in a drawer.....

Posted by Eugene Huggins on April 7, 2010 at 3:55 PM

Hello everybody, for thirty years people have been giving me pictures and I’ve been coming home, and throwing them in a drawer.


Looking at my website, and all these pictures, is a little overwhelming. I’ve never wanted to be a name-dropper, and I’ve always wanted to stay humble; but this is my life that you’re looking at. I figure that it’s better to have these pictures up than have them sitting in a drawer. Looking at my website, reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made and opportunities I’ve blown. But there are also memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’d like to thank my friend, Al Crabtree for making my site, without him it never would have happened. I hope you enjoy, best wishes, Eugene Huggins

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